POETICA: An International Journal of Linguistic-Literary Studies

Edited by the Editorial Board of Poetica
Editor-in-Chief: Toshiyuki Takamiya


Vols. 1-93&94 (1974- Spring 2020). Tokyo. Average 120 pp. per volume.

Size: 25 cm.

Publication year: 1974-2020

ISSN: 0287-1629

Text: English

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Vols. 93 & 94 (double issue)

Daniel Donoghue
Teaching Old Dictionaries New Tricks: Using Digital Resources to Track the Old English Lexicon

Jane Roberts
The Royal Psalter: Reading the Whole Book

Richard North
Lady Æthelflæd and the Danelaw in the West Saxon Judith

Michiko Ogura
To die, to be dead, to be lifeless or unliving, and to be killed in Old and Early Middle English

Taro Ishiguro
Parentheses in Old English Poems

Emily V. Thornbury
Ornaments to Dazzle the Ear: Hypermetric Verses in the Old English Dream of the Rood and Judith

Hans Sauer
The Middle English Romance Richard Coer de Lyon and Its Use of Binomials

Claire Vial
The Bestiary of Conquest in Richard Coer de Lyon

Javier Martín Arista
Old English Rejoice Verbs. Derivation, Grammatical Behaviour and Class Membership

<Latest Issue>
POETICA, Vols. 93 & 94, is a collection of papers presented at the Medieval Symposium and the main conference of The International Association of University Professors of English (IAUPE) held in Poznań, Poland, on July 2019. Topics include Old and Middle English poetry, glosses, syntax, semantics and lexicology.

POETICA was launched in Japan in 1974 by scholars of literature and publishes essays in the fields of English linguistics, literature, and cultural studies. As an interdisciplinary and professional academic journal, POETICA has received much acclaim and is read by scholars in Japan and worldwide.

■Editorial Board:
ABE Masahiko (University of Tokyo)
ALVEY Miyamoto Nahoko (University of Tokyo)
ELLIS Toshiko (University of Tokyo)
HARADA Noriyuki (Keio University)
HIROTA Atsuhiko (Kyoto University)
KOBAYASHI Yoshiko (University of Tokyo)
MATSUDA Takami (Keio University)
OGURA Michiko (Chiba University, Emerita)
TAKAMIYA Toshiyuki (Keio University, Emeritus)

■Advisory Board:
Ziva BEN-PORT (Tel-Aviv University)
Piero BOITANI (University of Rome)
Stephen GREENBLATT (Harvard University)
Simon HOROBIN (Magdalen College, Oxford)
IKEGAMI Yoshihiko (University of Tokyo, Emeritus)
SASAYAMA Takashi † (Kwansei Gakuin University, Emeritus)
E.G. STANLEY † (Pembroke College, Oxford, Emeritus)
Winthrop WETHERBEE (Cornell University, Emeritus)
YAMANOUCHI Hisaaki (University of Tokyo, Emeritus)

■Assistant Editors:
IWAMASA Shinji (Shirayuri University)

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