Sports Industry History Database Online
Nihon Undogu Shinpo journal 1948-1981

Compiled by: Japan Society of Sports Industry, Subcommittee for History of the Sports Industry

Maruzen eBook Library (MeL)
Provides specialized eBooks for academic, research and educational institutions

Prefectural Statistics Online
The most exhaustive statistical resource on the history of Japan between Meiji and post-war Showa

Kusuda Collection: Sato Eisaku Papers
Primary top secret documents from the highest level of government of the Sato Administration

Business Archives Online
An essential tool for any study of business, economic or industrial history

Tsusan Seisakushi Shiryo
History of Japan's Trade and Industry Policy online

静嘉堂文庫所蔵 宋元版
Song Yuan Print Collection Online
Song Yuan Print Collection Online

Mita Bungaku
An online database for literary magazine Mita Bungaku―launch pad for a string of famous Japanese authors and poets, starting with the first issue in 1910 up to the war years.

オンライン版 太宰治 自筆資料集
Dazai Osamu Manuscripts Online
The spirit of Dazai reincarnated vividly in the writer's own hand

Documents related to Masayoshi Ohira
First-rate resource on Japanese political and diplomatic history of the 1970s

Editors: Professor Seiichi Koike, Hiroshima University; Professor Fumio Fukunaga, Dokkyo University