Printed Books(65)

Tokyo Keizaigaku Koshukai Kogiroku
A record of lectures by the Tokyo Society for Study of Political Economy (1882-1883)

The Far East. New Series
A Monthly Journal, Illustrated with Photographs (July 1876 - December 1878)

Edited by John Reddie Black

Nihon Roman-ha
Japanese Romantics

新異国叢書 総索引
Shin Ikoku Sosho So-sakuin
Index volume

石川暎作、嵯峨正作訳/スミス 「富国論」 復刻版
Smith, Adam. The Wealth of Nations.
Reprint of first Japanese translated edition (1884-1886) by Eisaku Ishikawa and Shyosaku Saga

Commentary by Akio Ookouchi

The Far East
A Weekly review of politics and commerce and record of current events (March 1912 - January 1921)

Bungei Bunka
Japanese literary journal that celebrate Japan's own unique classical aesthetics

Supervided by Kenneth E. Carpenter, Akio Okochi and W. B. Todd

The Japan Review
A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Promotion of Japanese-American Co-operation (Oct. 1916 - Apr. 1922)

Edited by Katsuji Kato. Commetary by Eizaburo Okuizumi