Maruzen eBook Library (MeL)
Provides specialized eBooks for academic, research and educational institutions


Maruzen eBook Library (MeL) is an aggregated eBook service for academic, research and educational institutions that MARUZEN-YUSHODO has originally been developing and operating.
MeL has the largest line-up of Japanese academic and educational eBooks and journal backfiles (some current), and is recently expanding its line up of English academic and educational eBooks as well.
Since its inception in 2012, institutions not only in Japan but also those in other countries are rapidly introducing this service.

Main Categories
● Reference Books
● Study-Aid Books
● Textbooks
● Back numbers
● Specialized Books

<Service MeL provides>
Price determined by the number of simultaneous accesses
eBook is priced with number of simultaneous access (1 or 3) per title. No annual/maintenance fee required.
● No initial introduction cost
Purchase the eBook within the library budget.
No additional cost is required for installation.
No additional settings to library systems are required for installment.
IP Authentication
IP Authentication for the purchased institution.
No additional fee for multi-site.
ID/Password authentication is also available for institutions without IP Address.
● A Convenient Search Function
Full-text search across the titles (all, purchased contents, specific series).
Print and Download available
PDF files are downloadable and can be used for personal use. (Maximum of 60 pages per session)