MARUZEN-YUSHODO Facsimile Edition
Andreas Vesalius Fabrica and Epitome Complete Set
De Humani Corporis Fabrica.
De Humani Corporis Fabrica Librorum, Epitome.

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-4-8419-3280-5

Text: Latin

714 pages. 430 X 295 mm. Leather-bound.

14 leaves. 490 x 373 mm.

"Fabrica and Epitome, the anatomical texts by Vesalius that formed the foundation of modern medicine”
 by SAKAI, Tatsuo (Professor at Juntendo University)
“Science and Art in the Fabrica”
 by CRYNS, Frederik (Associate Professor at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
In a luxury Box
Limited edition of 100 sets

Price: JPY570,000


Maruzen-Yushodo Facsimile Edition Fabrica was made by photographing a 1543 first edition original kept in the collection of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto, Japan. The Facsimile Edition Epitome meanwhile was made by photographing an original first edition belonging to a private collector in the United States.
In order to recreate the feel of these first editions original in keeping with their publication over 470 years ago, all stains, marks and creases on the pages of the original have been faithfully reproduced. Especially for Fabrica, the book is luxuriously bound in tanned, hand-colored bovine leather, with a banded leather spine. Each step in the binding process has been performed meticulously by hand.
Selection of the paper, the book design, printing and binding is all carried out by Wydawnictwo Tadeusz Serocki in Pelplin, Poland.
Thus these two historically valuable texts have been revived for the 21st century by Maruzen-Yushodo as facsimile editions.