R・M・トムソン ベリー聖書
The Bury Bible


1 vol. 18 color plates in color, 12 b/w plates, text; 72 pp.

Size: 510×350mm

Publication year: 2001

ISBN: 978-4-8419-0327-0

Text: Japanese

Price: JPY72,000


A serious monograph making generous use of large-format color plates of miniatures and decorative sections to elucidate the “Bury Bible” (Cambridge University, Corpus Christi College collection, MS2), an illuminated manuscript produced at the monastery of Bury St. Edmunds outside the English city of Cambridge in around 1135. The Bury Bible includes six miniatures, three illustrated initials, and 39 decorated initials painted by the artist “Master Hugo”, and is deemed one of the finest masterpieces of English Romanesque art. The miniatures, brought to life in vibrant hues including reds, blues, greens, and purples, show the influence of Byzantine art in their representation of details such as garment pleats, making this a precious historical resource highlighting the international nature of European art during this period.