The Far East. New Series
A Monthly Journal, Illustrated with Photographs (July 1876 - December 1878)

Original: Possessed by Tenri Central Library, Tenri

Edited by John Reddie Black


5 volumes, incl. 181 photographs. 1220 pp.

Size: 148 × 210 mm.

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-4-8419-0444-4

Text: English

Published simultaneously in Tokio, Japan; Shanghai, China; and in Hongkong.

Price: JPY145,000


J.R. Black decided to publish the new series of The Far East in Shanghai, where Western powers regarded most important for foreign strategy. Editorial policy was basically not changed: literary articles, essays on historical topics, customs of various areas, travel reports, activities of Western figures in Asia were the main contents. 181 photos are included, vividly rendering the sceneries and important figures of the time in the east Asia.