The Japan Review
A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Promotion of Japanese-American Co-operation (Oct. 1916 - Apr. 1922)

Original: Published in Chicago

Edited by Katsuji Kato. Commetary by Eizaburo Okuizumi


6 vols.

Size: 182 × 257 mm.

Publication year: 1995

ISBN: 978-4-8419-3121-1

Text: English

Price: JPY110,000


A bimonthly magazine in English, edited by Japanese students in America. In order to deepen understanding on Japan and promote American-Japanese cooperation, it published various information and opinions on relationship of the both countries. Contributed by major intellectuals, politicians and businesspeople such as Nitobe Inazo, Shibusawa Ei-ichi, Goto Shimpei and W. E. Griffis, it is an ideal resource for studying Japanese-American relationship and cultural intercourse before the World War II.

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