The Japan Punch
Covering years May 1862 - March 1887

Original: Published in Yokohama

Ed. by Charles Wirgman.


10 vols. (1862-1887). 3100 pp.

Size: 182 × 257 mm.

Publication year: 1975

ISBN: 978-4-8419-3197-6

Text: English

Price: JPY170,000


Launched in 1862 by an English illustrator, Charles Wirgman (1832-1891). He came to Japan first as a correspondent illustrator for "Illustrated London News," and reported not only political and historical events such as "Tozenji Jiken," but also Japanese customs and common daily life for 25 years. His humorous and satirical style actively reported the turbulent days of the end of Edo and the beginning of Meiji era, and said to be the origin of Manga in modern Japan.

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