MARUZEN-YUSHODO Facsimile Edition
Preclarissimus liber elementorum Euclidis Perspicacissimi :in artem Geometrie incipit quafoelicissime

1 vol. [274] pp. : ill.

Size: 310 x 210 mm.

Publication year: 2014

ISBN: 978-4-8419-3276-8

Text: Latin

Half leather binding, gilt top, slip case.
Photographed, printed, and bound in Japan.
Limited to 100 copies (each numbered).

Price: JPY92,500


The Maruzen-Yushodo Facsimile Edition EUCLIDES. Elementa. was produced by taking a 1482 first-edition original from the Kanazawa Institute of Technology Library Center collection, and painstakingly photographing it page by page using the latest camera technology.
This facsimile edition has been designed, photographed, printed, assembled and bound entirely in Japan. In order to recreate the time-honored feel of this first-edition original published over 470 years ago, all stains, marks and creases on the pages, right up to notations by the book’s various owners over the centuries, have been faithfully reproduced. The binding has been kept as simple as possible, with gilt tops and slipcase for a luxurious finish.
Don’t miss this chance to savor the exquisite simplicity of a very special incunabulum.